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A World Full of Devices & Sensors

An Open Data Ecosystem that Harnesses the Smart Data Around You
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Data Lantern Ecosystem

  • Owners and device manufacturers have complete control of their data security & privacy
  • Any device can get data from and control other online or offline devices
  • An open and vendor agnostic Machine–Data–Machine (MDM) integration model (pat. pend.)
  • Advanced data analytic Across Any Devices or Sensors

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Why Data Lantern IoT

Imagine a world where everyday objects around us start broadcasting data. What kind of new analytics and smarter control can we do? What can these data tell us that we don’t know before?

As IoT and smart devices start to explode, we see companies building data silos. Devices are locked into data silos with proprietary API’s and SDK’s. The real power and potential of IoT is more than just analytics and controls within a particular industry or vertical or data silo.

Imagine a world that an activity tracker can get the owner’s refrigerator data to recommend a healthier dietary and exercise program, regardless of who makes that smart refrigerator. Or, an automobile can automatically control a sprinkler system as the owner approaches the driveway, regardless of who makes that smart sprinkler system. Or, a very smart high school kid developing an app to tie data from 10 different seemingly unrelated sensors to tell us something we don’t know before, regardless of who are the manufacturers of those sensors.

Our vision at Data Lantern is to provide an ecosystem that allows any device, any manufacturer, or any app developer to get (with owner’s permission) data from any device regardless of the manufacturer.

Ultimately, we want to create an environment where anyone (consumers, companies large & small, and municipalities) can selectively share, sell, and buy smart device data.

How Data Lantern Works


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Control devices
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Advanced analytics &
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